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Today was a day full of restoration, rejuvenation, and a gift from God, all in a short fifteen hours. This morning, the phenomenal staff here blessed us, yet again, at Riverside with a delicious breakfast. At morning devotion, I was blessed with the opportunity to share how the Holy Spirit has stirred inside of my heart within the short time we have been here. Time put aside to spend with the Lord is a gift.
We prepared our luggage full of medications, supplies, and VBS materials prepared to hit the ground running. We arrived at a local church filled with children of all ages full of energy and excitement. This is where we (The Simpson Team) planned on setting up our medical camp as well, which we quickly found out was a gift of fellowship with our brothers and sisters from the hospital. This camp was very different for us because we only had approximately five to ten people come to have their blood pressure checked and partake in the resources we were able to bring with us. At first, I was slightly discouraged, we came to serve the community and pour into them the love of Jesus our Savior and it looked as though we had come with very little to do. As the day went on, my perspective began to change, we had as much time as possibly needed to share the love of God with this handful of individuals.
With the end of our medical camp we headed home with the APU team at the end of their VBS camp. We all stuffed like sardines into one bus and we played games and talked amongst each other until we arrived at yet another amazing meal the staff had prepared for us. From lunch until five o’clock we had a period of rest and rejuvenation which for many of the team members here was very much needed. At five o’clock, our Simpson team was given the opportunity to observe a cesarean section being performed at Subbamma Christian Hospital. We all gathered with the doctor and nurses and watched as the staff at the hospital brought from a mother’s womb to this world a new baby girl. The process was beautiful and amazing, a true gift from God and such a blessing to be part of this experience.
Today was a gift from God, as each and every day is, and I am so excited to see what God will unfold in tomorrow.
God Bless,