by Pastor Gerry Wilson

Two years ago tragedy struck with the loss of life. A woman who underwent surgery at the Hospital at Riverside  School died from an infection that was a direct result of the surgery. This middle-aged woman left behind a grieving husband, adult children, and a number of grandchildren. In addition, she also left behind a community of friends and neighbors that were angry and at one point up in arms towards the Doctor who performed the surgery and the Hospital.

Upon hearing of this tragedy, my congregation took up a love offering and commissioned my wife and I to deliver the gift, as an expression of the Love of Christ.  On the day that the Simpson University Medical Team held a camp on the very property of the family that suffered the loss of their loved one, I went along with my interpreter, Pastor Shalem. With his help I was able to present the Gospel to those in the village attending the medical camp, followed by a personal and intimate visit with the husband and two adult sons of the woman who died.


The woman’s family, who were not Christians, were utterly amazed, even dumb founded that I came to see them, bearing a sizable money gift, knowing I had nothing to do with their loss. I’ll always remember the precious time we shared crying and praying together, as I shared promises from God’s Word for healing and hope for their future. As I was saying good-bye that day, I promised that every time I returned to Mori I would come and visit.

Fast forward one year to June 2017 when my wife and I and Pastor Shalem took an auto out to see the husband and family. When we arrived the husband had tears in his eyes and one adult son, with his own tears, said to us, ‘last year when you promised to visit I thought you would forget about us.’ To which I said again, ‘I have returned as promised because of the Love of God through His Son Jesus Christ, and I plan to continue to return for as long as I come to India.’

Fast forward to today, 2018. Matt Sanders our Team Leader, Pastor Shalem, Jill Maclaren from our congregation and my wife and I went out into the village to visit the family. Once again they were amazed to see us, receiving us with joy and open arms. God continues to do a work of healing in the midst of their loss, as they see the Love of Christ lived out through some very simple acts of caring.

Jesus said to the weary and broken-hearted, ‘Come unto Me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.’ I have found that sometimes those that need to be comforted need someone to first bring Jesus to them. In my experience with this husband and family that lost their wife, mother and grandmother, I am seeing the Lord bring healing and hope to their broken hearts. For this I count it all joy and give thanks to the Lord that my church and my wife and I, along with Pastor Shalem, the Simpson University Medical Team and others, have been privileged to be a part of this transforming encounter that God has orchestrated, and is without a doubt not finished with yet. To God be the glory for the great things He has done and continues to do for this woman’s family!