Dear Sponsor,

Our eighth grade students are very skilled in coordinating their own extra-curricular programs like dance, singing, sports and speech. They are always asking to plan their next dance for a school assembly. Thankfully, they also excel in their studies. Among them, there is a significant boy named Siddhartha Roy. He is very spiritual and obedient, and lives on campus in the hostel. Everyone lovingly calls him siddhu. Siddhu is not only matured far beyond his age but is also alert in studies. He is highly reputed even among his colleagues.

Siddhu’s father left him and his mother alone when he was just a little kid, so his loving mother started to work hard to take care of him. Now he is very much a son after his mother’s own heart, even though he lives away from her during school. Siddhu, just a 13 year-old boy, is particularly interested in memorizing Bible verses, and enjoys reading. He recently finished The Call of the Wild and is now reading C.S. Lewis’ Prince Caspian. (This is the only book of the series we own, so if you or someone you know has a complete set they would like to donate, please let us know!)

Even though he is occasionally gloomy, being haunted by the distress of his past family experiences, Siddhu is a kind and friendly boy who always helps around campus and who has great joy thanks to his hope in Christ.

Please pray for Siddhartha Roy and his family!

UPDATE: November 24, 2014 – We just received the news that yesterday, Siddhu’s beloved mother had a serious heart attack. By the grace of God, she is still alive, but she is very weak since she already had malaria. Siddhu is reasonably upset because she is still in Dubai and he can not be with her, but he has faith that God will do a miracle in her life and spare her. Please pray for this miracle, and that no matter what happens, Siddhu will keep his trust in God.