Although the academic year has newly started, there is one familiar face in the first grade classroom. Teja lives in the village nearest to Riverside School, but education does not come to him easily. His family life is marked with struggles due to his father’s alcoholism.

     Last year, Teja’s father was in a motorbike accident following a night of drinking. It happened so close to the campus that Riverside staff were able to respond to the accident in prayer, and to provide the school bus to bring Teja’s father to a nearby E.R. The accident meant that all the responsibilities were left to Teja’s mother, a simple cashew sheller. She tried her best on only 200 rupees a day, but had to pull Teja from Riverside just before exams to seek help from her extended family.

     Even after Teja’s departure, Riverside teachers and the campus pastor pursued Teja’s family in prayer. Due to their poverty, the family lives in someone else’s thatched-roof hut while they save up for their own home. Pastor John and Ms. Elsu visited Teja’s home many times to pray over the family. Though they are Hindus, there isn’t a strong spiritual foundation to draw Teja’s father out of his alcoholism. There is disunity and deep pain running through the story of this family.

     Please join Ms. Elsu in prayer for Teja’s salvation during his second year in her class. Please pray that Ms. Elsu’s presence in the classroom would show Teja a transformational love that leads him and his family to Christ.