Subbamma Mission Hospital is becoming a shelter of love and care for those are troubled and sick. From time to time, interns come to learn and serve. This year, we were blessed to have Dr. Nitin Tiripati, a dental intern from the Divya Jyoti College of Dental Sciences, near Delhi. He stayed for two months and loved the campus atmosphere. When he left, he sent this letter filled his thanks and appreciation for the opportunity:
“Good morning sir/ma’am,

First of all I would like to say thanks to all of you for this great opportunity. I’m very happy, as are my parents.
Now I want to tell you all about my experience at Project India.

I have learned here various things used in dentistry, like how to manage the patient, treatment decision, when to treat, when not to treat. With the help of Dr. Veerraju, MBBS, DGO, I also learned about gynecology surgeries: surgical delivery, hysterectomy, and tubectomy.

I would like to thank him also for his kindness as he explained every step to me, from incision to suturing, like a student. He asked me a few questions, which I replied to in Hindi, and he was able to understand me. I am very happy.
Camps: Camps were very important for me because there I received many different types of patients, with different types of dental cavities and tongue diseases. I gave them advice and also a demo of the proper brushing technique, which I hope they will follow.
Telemedicine: This unit is important for those people who can’t afford high hospital charges, and lets them get the right treatment and medicine from high class hospitals like Apollo, which is very costly, at a low cost.
I would like to thank Dr. S. Darwin, who gave me this opportunity to be a part of telemedicine. At the inauguration, I helped Dr. Anusha set up two patients.
Festival: I also attended the campus’ festivals for Christmas and New Years, which are an important part of their culture.
People’s affections: Everyone on campus likes my work and my lovely behavior, and are even asking me not to leave. I won’t forget the respect that I gained from all of the staff.
Staff response: I got a good response from my hospital and dental staff; Sisters Rahelu, Usha, Monika, Sumlata, Kala, Sarita, and Vedina. They helped me every time in my dental clinic. They have very nice behavior.
After all of these great lessons, I have to return back to my college, but I can never forget all of these precious moments.
Thank you so much, Dr. Reena, for selecting me for this great opportunity at PI.
Thank you so much to all of you.
With warm regards,
Nitin Tripathi”
His enthusiasm definitely shines through, and we were very happy that he enjoyed the Christian environment so much. Martha and Joice gave him a copy of the Bible and of “The Death of a Guru” when he left, so please pray that God will inspire him to read both in order to learn more about Christ.