Hello again! I am increasingly proud to be a part of Riverside, which plays an important role in providing comfort for distressed and crushed students and their parents. Jyothika, for instance, is 13 years old and is studying in 8th grade. She joined just this year, but always seemed to be gloomy and disappointed. I soon discovered why: last year, her beloved father passed away. More tragically, she witnessed his death, which left her shocked and unable to smile for many months.
Jyothika is from a poor family, and her father was their main source of  income. When he passed away, Jyothika, her young sister and mother were left alone and now only survive under the care of some of their relatives. Jyothika’s mother heard somebody saying about Riverside School that can give Jyothika a hope in her life. Now she is slowly being relieved from the earlier stages of grief.
Please pray for Jyothika and her family.