Looking from the outside, J. Nishi of 10th class looks like she has a structured life. Living on campus at the hostel since she was a 4-year-old in lower Kindergarten, in many ways Riverside is all she knows. However, there is a dark shadow that weighs down on Nishi: her father’s alcoholism.

     Nishi’s life story has been marked by painful moments caused by alcohol. Her mother works abroad in Israel in order to provide for the family and was able to save up 15,000 rupees last year to give Nishi a special birthday party in the campus hostel. Sadly, Nishi’s father spent all the money on alcohol instead of giving it to the hostel warden to plan the party. Heartbroken, Nishi cried at school the next day.

     Since then, alcohol has taken away even more of Nishi’s childhood. She is now out of the hostel and in the custody of her cousins since her father is unable to provide for her. In her own home, she lives almost as a servant; constantly cleaning and cooking.

     Despite all her struggles, Nishi is very self-aware and knows her role in this world. She attends a big local church, where she helps the pastor and welcomes American missionaries each summer. Nishi’s faith in God has influenced her dreams to one day see her father free from alcoholism and to pursue a life that helps the poor. Even throughout the rough times, Nishi always mentored the youngest hostel residents, loving them as a parent would.

     Please pray for J. Nishi and for her ideal future to be realized. Ask God to place a healing hand over her father’s addiction. Pray for provision that her family may be reunited. Lastly, please pray for Nishi following graduation in April.