“Dr. Rose rested in the Lord at Subbamma Hospital, a place where she desired to serve the Lord while growing up in Mori – but she did not make it.”

Our “Shattered Dreams” have an eternal purpose in God’s economy.

 Dr. Rose, seen below standing before the cross at communion, grew up as a little girl in Mori and tragically lost her life due to COVID 19 this past week. As a child, she lost her dad and her mother went abroad to serve as a migrant worker in Israel to support Rose and her young brother. Rose is a believer in Jesus Christ from a very young age and was known in her family to be a woman of prayer. Her first answer to her prayers came when she was admitted into a medical school on merit. She was always at the top of her class. When she heard the news of her acceptance into a medical school, her lifelong dream, I was told that she was driven to her knees to fast and pray to thank the Lord before she announced it to her mother and brother with great joy. Growing up in the village, she witnessed a spectacular looking hospital being built with a very welcoming ornate gate called “The Gate of Salvation”. Given that the hospital was dedicated to the glory of God, she purposed in her heart to serve here upon completing her residency.

I was deeply saddened to hear these details from her family. What a great doctor she could have been as she would have conducted her life in her personal relationship with her Lord. She expressed to her family that she wants to serve at the Subbamma hospital not to make money but simply to serve. As I reflect on this, I cannot help but appreciate those that have God’s heart. Dr. Rose and Subbamma are sisters of the same heart even though they were separated by time and space. They were both in the business of building God’s kingdom. To echo my father’s words, while he laid the foundation stone to the hospital “I am not building a hospital; I am building the Kingdom of God”. These are the same words Dr. Ida Scudder spoke when laying the foundation stone of Vellore Christian Medical College (CMC). We now know that CMC went on to become the most famous hospital and medical school in all of Asia where prime ministers of Asian nations were flown to for treatment.

Dr. Rose represented the purpose for which we exist as a ministry in Mori – to serve the Lord.

My mother, Amy Darwin, who served here during summers over twenty years teaching children dance and drama classes in the Mori village must have run into Rose many times not knowing there is a young girl who desired to serve the Lord in our ministry – a dream that would not be fulfilled in her life but God was in charge of Rose’s life to her last breath – His purposes are eternal.

Dr. Rose was in the process of completing her residency at Eluru government hospital, a city far away from Mori where she contracted the virus while treating severely ill Corona patients. I was also told by the family that she always shared her faith with her patients and what Jesus had done in her life to offer them hope and encouragement. When she became severely ill, she returned home to Mori. I feel she returned to pass away peacefully at home realizing her time has come to go home to be with the Lord. She suffered for a few days at home with a fever, body pains, and headache and not revealing her pain, but her cousins admitted her at our hospital although our resident doctor was reluctant to admit her given her condition. One of our consulting telehealth doctors from the UK along with the resident doctor later determined that it was a clot that killed her which is often a side effect of the virus. Our wonderful doctors and nurses worked very hard to save her life, but it was time and there was nothing we could do. I was told the night before she passed, her cousins carried her to the roof of our hospital where she witnessed the sunset one last time. She is now in the presence of the Lord along with Subbamma and interceding on our behalf along with all those who came before and our savior, Christ Jesus.

I will not forget Dr. Rose; she will always live in my memory as what God desires of me. I will be planting a rose bush on campus with a plaque describing Rosy and 2 Corinthians 2:15; “For we are the sweet fragrance of Christ [which ascends] to God, [discernible both] among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing”. It will serve as a testimony of what we should all desire in our hearts “to serve Him with our whole heart”. When things settle and her mother returns from Israel, I would like to conduct a memorial service in her honor. Dr. Rose’s death inspired all of us here in Mori to focus on God’s calling in our lives even if it means our dreams may be shattered as He knows the end from the beginning unconstrained by time and space.

As God planned it without my council, I came down to Mori a month ago to help the ministry here. All I had to do is be willing, despite fears regarding the current pandemic. I said yes to God and I am glad as I will return home enriched by this experience. God knows what He is doing even in the midst of Dr. Rose’s Shattered Dream.

I am learning to gain strength in Him through the grief and suffering of this time. Please pray for our work in India.

Please contact my father, in case you have further questions at 510-316-8286 or visit our website at www.hope-for-people.org

Judah Darwin
CEO, Project India.

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