Upper Kindergarten is the biggest class this year with 65 students enrolled. Many students can feel shy, but little Jerusha, nicknamed Jessie, feels right at home in the crowd. She’s the daughter of a pastor and Riverside’s own Telegu teacher, Mrs. Sarah. Her parents have raised her and her older brother, Jedidiah, to be faithful servants of Christ even at such a young age.

     In class, Jerusha sits between two other girls and often chats away with them. Her teacher says, “Jessie is a student in the middle. She doesn’t have many extreme strengths or weaknesses, but she is good at enjoying with her friends!” Her outgoing personality has made her a good leader among her peers. At every time of prayer her hands fold and her eyes close dutifully and her classmates follow her lead.

     Please pray for Jerusha’s family and for their faith and ministry to continue going strong. Please pray that Jerusha will grow to be a good example in her spiritual journey just as her devoted and prayerful parents are.