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It was a beautiful day today in Mori, India. As we were fast asleep throughout the night, we were awakened several times by the viscous thunderstorms that hit the skies. We woke up and opened the curtains in our rooms to see God’s creation; the tropical plants, grass full of raindrops, and crisp, fresh air. The rain continued on till early morning as I became thankful for the cooler weather. At devotion, Emma (an APU student) reminded us of the power and strength that the Lord gives us through His Holy Spirit to overcome difficult circumstances. Like midnight thunderstorms into crisp, fresh air, we ended with the beautiful hymn this morning, “It is well with my soul”.

We journeyed to the Weaver Village soon after and observed how much work is put into making saris. Saris consist of a drape varying from five to nine yards in length and two to four feet in breadth that is normally wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder of a woman. We visited a specific location that uses a “Magum” machine that binds these fabrics together. The company first opened in 1937 and they are responsible for creating the saris for seven villages. There are 1,200 people working for this factory, and 200 looms. As we were nearly done with learning about the saris, we got a call from the OBGYN doctor of Subbamma Christian Hospital, instructing us to hurry back to observe a natural birth.  We showed up to the cry of a newborn baby and a joyful new mother. Although we missed the delivery, we were full of joy to see God bring a new baby girl into this world. It was a successful delivery, and we were able to pray for the baby and her life.

As the day progressed, we had the privilege to visit a ministry by the name of KKNMRW Trust Ministries in Sakhinetipalli, India. This ministry began 20 years ago where the Samuel family began taking care of orphans and the mentally disabled. Through their ministry they provide a home, education, and the love of Christ to these children. Upon arrival, a group of children ran up to greet us with joyful smiles. While being there, we could not help to think what an amazing ministry this was. Our hearts were filled with admiration as we listened to several stories from the owner of the home. This is a family that is dedicated to doing the will of God and to serving Him wholeheartedly. This family has given up their lives to take care of children and equip them to live a good life as they grow into adults.

As our day came to an end, we had a combined celebration of the 20th anniversary of Riverside School and a gathering for the church community in Mori. Throughout the celebration, we heard the wonderful band worship, while Azusa Pacific and Simpson University sung a hymn called, “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus”. As the ceremony continued, we heard a great message by a local pastor on 1st and 2nd Samuel, ending with a prayer for the village.

As we all sat as one church, we were reminded of the power of Christ and His church. It is a beautiful feeling to be able to praise the same God in a country on the other side of the world. Praise the Lord, King of Kings, Lord of Lords who has gathered His children for a beautiful day. All honor and glory to Him.

With Love,

Marvin Steven Delgado