For a lot of tenth graders, graduation and the excitement of college is the focus, but for Mounisha, the basic needs of her family are all she can think about. She wants to be a doctor and serve people, but she isn’t sure if she can do it with all her responsibilities at home. “I wash clothes and cut vegetables. I like taking care of my family,” she says.

    Mounisha’s life took a turn for the worse after her parents were both diagnosed with kidney problems. Her father’s kidneys were failing and her mom’s kidneys were a bit better, so they took a risk and transplanted one of her mother’s kidneys to her father. It prolonged his life for a short period of time before he passed away. Now with only one kidney, Mounisha’s mom is at risk of passing away due to her kidney problems too.

    With two younger sisters, Mounisha’s biggest fear is being orphaned and responsible for her household in the midst of the harsh society surrounding her. Though she enjoys helping at home, it breaks her heart to see that her mom is bedridden and that their family is struggling to pay for school fees, medical bills, and life in general.

    Mounisha prays a lot and has an amazing faith in God even in the throws of grief and hardship. Please pray for the health of her and her family. Please ask a blessing for her future.