Choppala Mouni is an outstanding figure in 7th grade. Only 12 years old, she challenges everyone to go ahead in life even amidst the impossible. One of Mouni’s teachers who knows her well said that, “if there was a chance, I would have taken Mouni home!” Yes, Mouni is an excellent girl in her studies and devotion to the Lord. Though she is the second daughter to her parents, she behaves like a mature woman.

Mouni’s parents are unfortunately both kidney patients. One of her father’s kidneys was damaged due to chronic kidney disease and was eventually removed. Thankfully though, his wife was a match, and so it was replaced by one of her kidneys. Now both struggle with pain and the fear of later complications. Even though Mouni’s family  is in big trouble, she and her sisters are very alert to study well. Mouni’s elder sister studying at Riverside in 9th grade and the eldest one graduated last year with a score of 9.8 out of 10! Mouni is full of God’s favour and mercy and is highly interested in studying the Bible and knowing Jesus more and more.

Please pray for Mouni and her family. Her parents are waiting for divine healing! God Bless you.