Elsu Mathew, 1st Grade class

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Hi! My name is Elsu Mathew, and I have been a teacher at Riverside for 6 years. Before that, I worked at another school for 8 years. Throughout these 14 years, I have enjoyed working with small children teaching them English. I especially like being at Riverside because it is a Christian school, which means I can incorporate my faith into the stories I tell my students and to touch the Hindu parents and community. I love playing games with my 28 students, 21 of whom are untouchables. I grew up in another state called Kerala, where my mom taught me to enjoy life and to always serve God. Please pray for me; that I would be able to fully do God’s ministry, and that I will trust Him with my future, as I wish to get married and have a family of my own. God bless!

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       One day in late June, first grader Joshua's dad was late to pick him up, but Joshua was not phased. The brave and happy kid just walked around campus hand-in-hand with his English teacher, Ms. Elsu, and joined in on a small birthday celebration for one of...

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The first Grade is full of energetic boys and enthusiastic girls. Siddhu Jillelle's condition, however, is different. He is mentally challenged  and very slow in studies. When he began Kindergarten at Riverside, his teachers had very little hope that he would be able...

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Sathya Teja is a boy of 5 years and is studying in 1st grade. His parents are Hindus, poor and working in a cashew nut company. They live just behind the Riverside School campus. One day, however, Teja's father met with an accident around 2 A.M. on his way to work. He...